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If you think that Asia is too far and too exotic to be true, then perhaps you are a little right. However, Asian women are real – and moreover, right now they are looking for opportunities to communicate with foreigners. No, there is no malicious or mercantile intent. Economic and social factors in Asian countries are such that these girls have virtually no choice but to seek happiness abroad. And their atypical beauty, doll-like figure, light, and feminine character make them attractive to foreigners even from the most remote corners of the planet.

In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Asian women for marriage so you can make a 100% informed decision.

Why Asian Women Are So Popular Nowadays?

More and more, both ordinary men and celebrities (do you remember Nicolas Cage and Alice Kim?) want to connect with women of Asian origin. There is nothing surprising here – many men have long been tired of European feminism and American pragmatism.

They need something in the middle – a smart girl who will not neglect her honor and dignity, and at the same time will be beautiful and loyal. Asian girls meet all these parameters, and moreover, here are a few more reasons why today they are so in demand on the dating market.

hot asian girl

They are very eye-catching

The first impression that our brain receives when looking at any object is visual. Asian ladies will make a strong visual impression because, in simple words, their appearance is not like ours. Moreover, they have a doll-like figure, and even more attract the attention of both men and women abroad. The latter envy the flowering appearance, eternal youth, innate harmony, and inexhaustible femininity.

They are shy

In most Asian countries, patriarchal traditions are still alive, maybe only in less strict rules. Therefore, Asian girls are modest by nature – patriarchal education does not allow them to open their mouths when they were not asked. Therefore, if it is important for you that a woman always considers your opinion to be the ultimate truth, pay attention to Asian brides.

They still think the man should be the leader

So, in addition to the fact that these women do not interfere in matters in which they are asked not to interfere, they expect the man to be able to make decisions on his own. Perhaps the only exception is Thai and Japanese, but even here they will be glad to see the man being fully responsible.

They are smart

This is the most common myth that beautiful Asian women are uneducated. This is especially often heard on Korean and Cambodian women. However, this is actually not true. Yes, they grow in a traditional society, but they increasingly understand the need for education to successfully start in the modern world. Therefore, most of them know a certain specialty, and many also know how to speak English

What Are Asian Wives Like?

Before you make a decision that it is definitely worth considering one of the girls as your Asian wife, you need to get a clear idea of what you can expect from these women in reality.

asian bride

They are honest

These women are very honest. They do not consider the possibility of treason as acceptable to themselves. If the relationship ceases to satisfy them, they either do everything possible to correct the situation or leave if it is completely impossible. However, local married men rarely share this opinion and consider treason normal, especially in Japan, where they have their own sex for money culture.

They are loyal

It may seem to you that Asian women are indifferent, but in fact they are loyal. Their worldview is such that they perceive every event and every change as what was supposed to happen. Therefore, they are ready to forgive a lot, or pretend that they simply did not notice something.

They love kids and want to have them

Pretty Asian women love children, but most of the economic and political conditions in these countries do not allow them to satisfy this desire. It’s too expensive to have children in Japan, and Indian slums are generally not a suitable place for children. However, they still want to and are ready to wait until something changes and take their actions.

Some of them are religious

Since Asia is more than 50 countries, some of them still have a very strict religion. For example, this is true for Cambodia and the remote provinces of China. Therefore, consider this factor as well. But there is a flip side to the coin – you will not even see the shadow of religiosity among the Japanese, and among their women, respectively.

They support a healthy lifestyle and will teach you how to do it too

The secret of the youth of sexy Asian women is a healthy lifestyle, sports, and proper nutrition. And rest assured, they will introduce you to this tradition as well. No, you will not eat dry rice exclusively, but you will learn a lot about Asian cuisine and its benefits.

Why Asian Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

If we take any random country and ask the question of why the girls from this country want (or do not want) to marry a foreigner, then the answer will be directly related to political, economic reasons, characteristics of religion, traditions, and mentality. However, Asia covers more than 50 countries, so there can be no single answer for everyone. Let’s give some examples:

  • Japanese women want to marry foreigners since men in this country work too much, and after work, they like to go to night places.
  • Vietnamese girls want the same thing because society puts too much pressure on single women. And the presence of a child without a husband automatically means expulsion to a remote village.
  • Indian women want to marry a foreigner and leave India. Well, there’s nothing more to add.

Despite various reasons to look for husbands abroad, it is possible to combine these women with the help of several adjectives – they are beautiful, responsive, loyal, kind, smart and feminine.

Where to Meet Asian Women?

There is good news too – you can choose from over 50 countries to go in search of a bride and meet Asian girls. However, do you really intend to roam the streets and look into the eyes of everyone you meet? Apparently not. Otherwise, the search process may take several years.

Some men begin the search process on social networks, but there is a very serious pitfall here. Very often, scammers create profiles on social networks, steal photos of hot Asian girls, and start hunting for men in order to lure them from money. And in this case, there is no way to verify the authenticity of the profile.

The most reliable way is dating platforms that monitor the authenticity of users and the seriousness of their intentions. There are two types of platforms:

  • international which bring together users around the world.
  • niche ones that offer to meet girls from a certain country, from Asia, in your case.

We recommend that you pay attention to the latter type of platforms, and in the meantime, we will tell you how to make dating an Asian woman the most successful.

Asian Dating Culture: 6 Tips on Dating X Girl

In fact, dating an Asian girl does not imply any particular difficulties. Of course, provided that you understand what you can expect from her and how to behave in order to make the right impression. We’ll share a few tips.

asian woman

Don’t be afraid to take initiative

If you think that Asian girls are too specific, then most likely this is just a matter of unusual appearance, which you are not used to. In fact, they are the same girls like everyone else on the planet. And the female nature, which is one for all, implies the absence of initiative on the female side – and its presence on the male side. Therefore, do not hesitate to take the first steps, write and call first. For these women, the frequency with which you will appear in her life is directly proportional to the seriousness of her intentions.

Ask her questions about her hobbies and favorite things

It is not recommended to discuss the culture or particularities of the political order on a first date. Unless, of course, the girl herself is the initiator of this conversation. However, this is a rare situation, so prepare a list of easy questions that you can ask to get more about her. This will not allow your conversation to freeze in the air.

Don’t be afraid of “share the meal” Asian tradition

Trying food from a friend or partner’s plate is normal in these countries. So, do not be surprised – and do the same, welcome to the world of unusual Asian cuisine.

Always respect her parents

The Asian culture is based on very strong respect for ancestors, parents and even older brothers and sisters. So be careful and control your words. If suddenly your relationship with parents or older siblings is not very good, then you better not talk about this with your Asian girlfriend.

Stay honest

These girls are honest and they expect the same honesty from you. Therefore, do not try to redo your image in her eyes. Being natural is always the best strategy because the impartial truth will be revealed in any case.

Try to get used that you will become a part of her social life

If you met Latina, sooner or later her whole family would know about you. Asian girls love social networks just as much as the Latins love to gossip with their family, therefore do not be surprised if during your date she has time to publish several joint photos. Just accept this fact. In this culture, it is already becoming normal to share the news with friends on social networks, despite the fact that they do not have Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, which we are used to.

Different Types of Asian Women

The most important thing you should keep in mind is that not all Asian women are the same. Of course, it can be said about the girls of any other origin, however, there are some mentality specifics from country to country you should know about. 

Japanese Women

Japanese women are educated and pragmatic. They are superior to local men in many ways. For example, a girl who works as a trucker and drives a huge truck is not such a wonder in Japan. And at the same time, they are honest and faithful. And yes, of course, they are beautiful in a unique way.

Chinese Women

Chinese women are very loyal to men and want attention to themselves. Most of them have higher education, like Japanese women, and by the way, this is almost the only country in the world with a shortage of brides. Scientists predict that 30 million single Chinese men will not be able to find a mate in 2020 – due to a shortage of girls. However, the girls are in no hurry to get married. Do you remember this viral story with 99 iPhones?

sexy asian girl

Korean Women

Perfectly young skin is the business card of Korean women. It is very difficult to visually determine how old a girl is – 20 and 40-year-old ladies can look about the same. By the way, Korean girls are internationally recognized masters of transformation and the biggest connoisseurs of plastic surgery in the world. Although even without plastic intervention, they are able to turn any external data into an image of an elven doll. So be careful.

Filipino Women

This very, very beautiful woman. It’s true that the most beautiful people appear from mixing different races, and this is just about the Filipinos. Magically, Spanish, African, and purely Asian blood flows in their veins. Spanish dark eyes and hair, African dark skin and classic eastern eye shape make their beauty truly unique. 

Indian Women

These are women who know too much about the harsh reality from an early age. The gap between the rich and the poor is especially noticeable in India – there is practically no middle class here. Most of these girls are accustomed to hard work since childhood, and also absorbed the need to respect their elders, love children and value their husbands.

Vietnamese Women

The situation in Vietnam is directly opposed to the Chinese situation – here the girls are ready to play a fictitious wedding for show only so that the society ceases to condemn them for the fact that they are still not married. Nevertheless, they have something to offer potential suitors, however, local men are not in a hurry to get married too. Girls from this country are modest and flexible, they treat marriage and family correctly, and recently they decided not to rush, but to choose worthy men.

Thai Women

Local men very often compare Thai women with their Cambodian female neighbors, speaking more flattering in favor of the latter. Yes, Cambodian women are really even more complaisant and modest than Thai, but in this case, each man will decide for himself whether this is an advantage for him.

Moreover, it is true – Thailand is developing and gradually adopting European values. And therefore, here women consider it normal to be independent, have an important cultural and social role, but do not relieve themselves of the responsibilities of caring for the house, husband, and children.

Tricky Questions and Honest Answers  – Let’s Conclude

Modern history already knows many examples of interethnic marriages. However, as with any decision that fundamentally changes life, rushing is a bad idea. Therefore, concluding our article, we have prepared a few more tricky questions on which you need to know the answers.

asian wife

Our mentalities are too different  – is there a chance that I will find a suitable bride among Asians?

Yes, and this chance is great. Rather, even huge. Asia is very densely populated, and its culture and traditions attract both tourists and potential suitors from around the world. Therefore, you should not worry. The only thing you need to take care of is finding a niche mail order bride service for your communication to be as safe and effective as possible. 

Can I be sure that Asian women don’t want my money?

Yes, you can. A lot of them were grown in poverty and consider luxury the ordinary things we are using every day. As for more developed countries, the level of salary is not a decisive factor as well. Japanese and Chinese women are able to earn a lot independently, so your income is not the thing they will be guided by when making a final decision. 

How do I get Asian girls attention?

It is very simple – become a figure in the very center of her attention. Be persistent, write first, tell about yourself, be honest, admire her beauty, and show the seriousness of intentions. And do not forget that even despite the difference in mentality, you have one goal for two – to find your soul mate and be happy.