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Armenia is a country with special national tint. The main distinctive feature is hospitality. Local people are always glad to receive guests. This is why many tourists from all over the world visit Armenia. And everyone who has been in this country can say that everything is beautiful here: nature, architecture, and especially women. Their appearance is eye-catching. But what else do you know about them? Let’s talk in detail about pretty Armenian girls.

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Why Armenian Women are So Popular Nowadays?

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Men worldwide are fond of girls from this country. Some of them would give anything to get an Armenian wife. And here are the reasons for being so popular.


Beautiful Armenian women charm the men with their perfect olive skin, dark brows, and hazel eyes. The majority of them have long dark hair which they thoroughly take care of. And unlike women in many Eastern countries, sexy Armenian girls don’t have to cover all their bodies. A lot of them wear stylish revealing clothes. It emphasizes their beauty and gives the opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Good manners

Armenian ladies have high moral values. The good upbringing of girls is in priority in Armenian families. They know how to behave in a polite company and treat other people with respect.

High communication skills

These women are interesting conversationalists. You will never be bored while talking with them. Even if a woman can seem shy at first sight, she will certainly become more talkative when she learns you better.

If you are looking not only for a wife but also for a friend, you can find it in the face of an Armenian lady.

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Variety of characters

Girls from small towns are mostly reserved and modest. But in the capital and other big cities, there are talkative and cheerful women who like to party.

So, a man can choose his favorite type: either a quiet or a party girl.

Serious intentions

Armenian society condemns unstable women. So, the majority of them are looking for a husband, not a boyfriend for a few months. So, these women are popular all around the world with the men who are searching for a trustworthy life partner for building a strong family.


This is the characteristic of all Armenian women. A lot of men appreciate Armenian wives because they are not against their spouse’s friends.

Armenian girls can get along with any guest and easily become a part of any company. They like to invite someone to their place.


Armenian women like to talk. They are very merry and sincere with the people whom they trust. Some of them can be the life of the party.

What are Armenian Wives Like?

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Armenian women combine Eastern and Western views. It makes them perfect wives. Here are the reasons for marrying the girls from this country:

  • They are good housekeepers. Armenian wives like keeping all the things in order in their houses. If they are in charge of the house, it will always be clean and neat.
  • They feed their husbands well. They are keen on cooking. And they are really good at this. They can cook nourishing and tasty food. Especially if we are talking about Armenian cuisine. The wife of this nationality can pamper you with delicious soups, barbeque, and other meat dishes.
  • They are hospitable. Unlike many other spouses, Armenian wives would be glad to welcome your friends. She will willingly cook dinner for the guests and spend time together with you all. So, you can invite friends to your place even every weekend. Also, she will not mind you chilling out with your fellows without her. But, of course, only if they are credible.
  • They respect family values. Every Armenian woman worships her mom, dad, grandparents, and siblings. Likewise, she will respect her husband and in-laws. If it is very important for you to see your wife and mother getting along with each other, an Armenian woman will be a perfect match.
  • They are faithful. Armenian wives are not likely to cheat on their husbands because it has always been condemned by their country’s society.

Why Armenian Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Some ladies from this country search for fiances from abroad because of:

  • Philandering husbands. Armenian men are known in all the world as unrestrained lovers. Very often they don’t stop flirting with other women being married. Adultery is a very frequent thing. So, women who want to have a devoted husband are looking for foreign men.
  • Strict local men. The majority of them are dictatorial. They like to give orders to their wives and to forbid them many things. For example, some of them don’t let their spouses go out with their friends.
  • Low career prospects in the homeland. According to Armenian traditions, women are housewives. That is why they frequently face discrimination while looking for a job. Many employers prefer male employees. So, ladies oriented at making a career want to move abroad and build a family there.

Where to Meet Armenian Women?

It is possible to get acquainted with women in Armenia. Especially if you visit a big city. The girls are friendly and open to a conversation there. There are clubs when local women like to party.

But girls you meet on the streets can be only friendly to you and talk to you just because they are polite. It doesn’t mean they want to date you.

And hot Armenian girls in the clubs are often interested only in flirting. They don’t look for a relationship there. So, there are no chances to find Armenian women for marriage there.

So, the Internet still keeps being the best place to search for a bride. The times when parents used to find husbands for their daughters are in the past. And nowadays many women use the Web to get acquainted with a future spouse. So, you can find an Armenian mail order bride on the Internet.

Armenian Dating Culture: 4 Tips on Dating Armenian Girls

If you are interested in dating an Armenian woman take into account these rules:

  • Be polite. Girls in Armenia are very well-behaved. And they expect the same thing from their fiances. Show good manners. Be careful about how you speak: don’t use curse words.
  • Take interest in Armenian culture. Local people worship their traditions and customs very much. If you ask your bride about them and respect them, you will make a good impression on her.
  • Get along with her relatives. Armenian women treat their folks very respectfully. They will never go against their family’s wishes. So, do your best to make a good impression on her mother and father. Also, try to get along with her brothers and sisters. Show special respect to her grandparents. Armenians worship their senior relatives. This is their national peculiarity.
  • Discuss your future wedding. Armenian girls dream of marriage since childhood. And they want everything to be perfect. Talk over the details of the wedding. Your bride will definitely like it.

Frequently Asked Questions About Armenian Girls

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Is it allowed for Armenian Women to marry foreigners?

Yes, it is. Though Armenia is a western country it doesn’t have many prejudices. While many Armenians still prefer local men, some of them are looking for foreigners. So, it is possible for an eastern man to find an Armenian wife. But the necessary condition is getting approval from the bride’s family.

Will there be a language barrier?

The national language is Armenian. Also, 90% of the population knows Russian. As for English, it is taught at schools, in the universities, and courses. So, well educated Armenian women speak English. Much more rarely they know other European languages.

How to prepare for meeting her parents?

First of all, ask your bride about her mother’s and father’s characters and preferences. Find out if there are any special traditions in her family.

Prepare presents for her relatives in advance. While choosing them, take into account their interests.

Think of what you will tell her family about yourself.

Don’t be afraid too much. Modern Armenian parents respect their daughters’ choices. So, you have high chances to be liked by her mother and father if she has told them good things about you before.

Do Armenian women want to make a career?

Some of them want to leave the country for better employment opportunities. It is especially relevant for women with high education. But some of them study just for themselves and are not going to work after marriage. So, it is better to figure the career plans while getting acquainted.

Will it be necessary to include Armenian traditions into the wedding?

The majority of Armenian brides dream of the wedding in their national traditions. If you don’t include at least some of them she and her relatives will be offended. So, thoroughly discuss the topic of the wedding with your fiancee. Ask her how she imagines it and do your best to satisfy her expectations.