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Lebanon is a country of a specific worldview. Local people’s mentality includes both Eastern and Western opinions. But still, the outlook is very different from European or American one. Today we will talk about Lebanese women, their character, outlook on life and relationships.

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Why Lebanese Women are So Popular Nowadays?

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Many men from different parts of the world are willing to do whatever it takes to charm the lady from this country. But many candidates can only dream that such a woman would reciprocate to their feelings. Let’s look at the reasons for such a good reputation more detailed.

Sweet image

Lebanese girls value themselves very much. They want their reflection in the mirror to delight them every day at any age.

Lebanese women will never leave home in untidy clothes or without a neat hairdo. They believe that this is the expression of disrespect to themselves. So, they organize the fancy look, style their hair and do makeup even when they go for a walk. Needless to say that they make much effort to look like queens at any event.

So, they steal men’s hearts from the first sight.

Intensive self-care

Beautiful Lebanese women adore having beauty procedures done. They regularly visit SPA and beauty salons. So, their hair, skin and the whole body looks really well-groomed.

Some of them have plastic surgery done if they don’t like something in their appearance. They don’t see anything bad in improving their bodies with the help of modern technologies.


Women in Lebanon are very well educated. The standard of school education is high. Moreover, it is possible for Lebanese girls to enter universities. And most of the ladies don’t miss such an opportunity.

Some women get degrees in difficult professions like engineering, architecture, programming, and others. This gives them an opportunity to find a good job and make an excellent career.


Lebanese ladies are many-sided. A lot of them have several hobbies. Also, they like to travel and explore new places.

So, it’s easy to find the topics to talk about with Lebanese girls.

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Good manners

Lebanese girls are well brought-up. They know how to behave in a polite company.

The absence of complexes

There is a stereotype that all Eastern women are very shy. But this is not about hot Lebanese women. They are rather showy and like it when everyone sees their beauty and elegance.

Some of them are real party persons. If you go to this country you’ll be able to see sexy Lebanese girls hanging out in clubs.

The willing to get married

Pretty Lebanese women prefer not to waste their time on those who don’t plan to become their husbands. These ladies will not lie about serious intentions. They are oriented to creating a family.

What are Lebanese Wives Like?

There are many strong points that make these ladies attractive as girlfriends. But what will they be like after marriage? Let’s imagine a typical Lebanese wife:

  • She is enterprising. This kind of woman will never be a complete housewife. She will have a desire to work even after giving birth to a child.
  • She’s got female wisdom. A lady from this country wants her family to be stable. So, she uses feminine wiles to save good relations between all the family members.
  • She is active. A typical girl of this nationality doesn’t like to stay at home. She is eager to spend every free hour doing something interesting. It is a pleasure for her to go somewhere together with their family or friends, to take part in some events.
  • She’s got a practical mentality. She looks at life realistically and always gauges the practical significance of all the things.
  • She is sociable. It’s in her national mentality to welcome friends. The families with such a wife often get along with neighbors, colleagues and other acquaintances. They regularly invite them to their places or gather somewhere in cafes or outdoors.
  • She is not a leader in the family. It is not ordinary for such a woman to take too much initiative. She leaves the serious decisions to her husband.

Where to Meet Lebanese Women?

There is an opportunity to meet Lebanese girls if you come to this country. You can get acquainted with them at any event or in some public places.

Sometimes, it is possible to meet a lady of this nationality even in your country. Some of them go abroad to get a higher education. But if you are not a student anymore and you don’t attend university, the chances to get acquainted with a foreign girl in real life are miserable.

So, use the special places for this. There are lots of websites where Lebanese mail order brides are waiting for you. Register, choose the girls, communicate, and you will find your destiny.

Why Lebanese Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

The tendency to search for fiances from abroad is becoming more and more widespread among Lebanese women. This can be explained by such factors:

  • The shortage of men on their motherland. In the population of this country, there are more women than men. So, there are not enough local fiances for all the ladies.
  • The specific character of local men. Males from this country often have such personal traits as duplicity, bossiness, and arrogance. They can tell one things to the face and absolutely other things behind someone’s back. Also, many of them believe that they are always right and their opinion is never wrong. They like to impose their own mindset on other people.
  • The lack of career prospects in their country. Though economics is well developed in Lebanon, the people’s mentality doesn’t allow women to make successful careers. It is not concerned to be right if a woman is a climber. She shouldn’t have the job better than her husband and other male relatives have. Otherwise, society will put a lot of pressure on her. What’s more, many Lebanese women face discrimination in their workplaces.

Lebanese Dating Culture: 6 Tips on Dating Lebanese Girls

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Here are some pieces of advice which will help you not to fail while dating a Lebanese woman:

  • Care of your image. If you are looking for Lebanese women for marriage try to attract their attention. Wear stylish clothes from famous brands and expensive accessories. It will show the level of your well-being.
  • Be nice to her. These ladies like polite men. So, watch your words and manners.
  • Pamper her. Lebanese girls like careful and generous men. Be attentive to her. Take interest in her opinion and feelings. Attend beautiful places together. Give her presents without cause.
  • Show her you are trustworthy. She should have 100% faith in you. Take any opportunity to show her that she can rely on you. For example, while organizing an event or a trip together prepare everything the way she shouldn’t worry about anything. Besides, help her to solve her problems.
  • Let her be sure you are able to provide for a family. This is very important for Lebanese girls. So, from the very beginning of the relationship, show her your well-being and prove that she and her future children will have everything for a decent life.
  • Talk about the way of the future life. Lebanese women like everything to be discussed. For not having misunderstandings in married life talk about everything in advance. Discuss what the wedding will be like, where it will take place, how many guests there will be. Where you will live after marriage, how often you will visit her relatives. If she will work or not. Who will be responsible for household chores. How often you will invite guests, how many times a year you will travel somewhere etc. Try to talk over as many aspects of life as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions about Lebanese Women

What language do they speak?

In this country, the official one is Arabic. But two more languages are used in daily life and at work: English and French. They are taught at schools and widely spoken.

There is an interesting fact that English is more popular with Lebanese Muslims, and Christians who live in this country prefer French. But many people know both these languages at intermediate level. 

What is their religion?

60% are Muslims and 40% are Christians.

It’s better to choose the girl who is of the same religion as you are. It will help to avoid cultural misunderstandings, a bad attitude towards you by her family, and difficulties while getting married.

Is it allowed for Lebanese women to marry foreigners?

It depends on your and her religions. There won’t be any problems if you are both Muslims or both you and she are Christians.

But if you are of different religions there can be some difficulties. In order to get married one of you will have to change the religion.

Will a Lebanese bride be willing to move abroad?

It’s difficult to say for sure. Of course, if she trusts you, she will be ready to get married and move to the husband’s country.

But the standard of living in your country plays a big role. Lebanese women don’t move to the countries they concern to be worse than their motherland.

Do they work after marriage?

Many Lebanese women are interested in making a career. Their active character doesn’t let them stay at home.

But some of them believe that job is not for females. So, they want to devote all their spare time to hobbies, traveling, social activities, and looking after a family.

For not having misunderstandings with the issue of the wife’s job discuss this question when you are getting to know each other.

Also, pay attention to the fact that in Lebanese mentality, the money which the wife earns is only hers. She will spend them on herself and never put them into the common budget. They believe that ensuring the financial well-being of the family is the husband’s duty.

Are they good at housekeeping?

As these ladies are always busy with jobs, social activities, and hobbies, very little time is left for doing household chores. So, if Lebanese women work they prefer having a maid who helps them keep the order in the house.