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Pakistan is a specific Eastern country. It is not popular with tourists. And the majority of foreigners have seen it only on the map and on photos. So, Pakistani women still keep being a mystery for many men. But those who know them closely are very satisfied with wives of this nationality and would never change them for other women. So, let’s discuss what these ladies are like and why they are perfect as spouses.

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Why Pakistani Women are So Popular Nowadays?

They are really desired by men from all over the world. Partly it can be explained by the fact that they are kind of forbidden fruit. They are very difficult to find. And it’s rather tricky to get acquainted and communicate with them. But besides, there are some qualities that make Pakistani brides be in demand. Women from this country are:

pakistani woman


Many admirers of exotic beauty are marveled by beautiful Pakistani women with their big dark eyes and thick eyelashes.

Though all the body is hidden under special national clothes, hot Pakistani girls can charm anybody with one look.


Pakistani girls are well-mannered. They show respect to other persons and never say too much. You will never be ashamed of such a woman if you introduce her to your circle.


Because of the national traditions, Pakistani girls are always glad to meet guests at their place. And they are really good at preparing for house parties. They do everything possible for guests to feel comfortable. Pakistani women are good at cooking. Also, they know how to make tea in the right way.

Guests will never be bored because these ladies can easily find an approach to any person and common topics to talk about.

Have serious intentions

Pakistani ladies won’t play for time or lie to you about serious intentions. If you understand that you want a family and don’t have time for long relationships before marriage the woman of this nationality will be a perfect variant for you.

Ready for marriage in early age

The traditions of this country appreciate early marriages. So, the majority of Pakistani girls are completely ready for marriage from 18 years old. European or American girls hardly ever think of such serious relationships at this age.

What are Pakistani wives like?

Many people think that ladies of this nationality ideally suit for the role of a spouse because they are:

  • Devoted. Divorces are not appreciated by their culture. So, they search for a life partner very thoroughly and will never betray their choice.
  • Worshiping. These ladies respect all family members. They are not wayward and conflictual.
  • Responsible. They take all the errands seriously. If you’ve got a Pakistani wife you will always have someone to lean on.
  • Welcoming. Pakistani women like to invite guests to their place. They are sociable and do everything that is possible to get along with distant relatives, neighbors, their spouse’s friends, and colleagues. And if you invite the guests to your place such a wife will do everything for them to feel like home. 
  • Perfect mothers. They do everything that is possible to make their children happy. Pakistani women often indulge in their children’s whims. But at the same time, they try hard to teach them self-reliance. Such a balanced upbringing allows children to feel loved and to become self-confident and autonomous personalities in the future.

Why Pakistani Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

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There are six main reasons for this:

  • Being fond of Eastern beauty. Many Pakistani women like men with fair skin and hair. Also, they know that children born in international marriages are very beautiful.
  • Appreciating of good manners. Pakistani girls are amazed by gentlemen. They like Western men because they are polite, have a prestigious outlook, and treat other people in a nice way.
  • The peculiarities of local men. Many of them are untidy. They can look scruffy even wearing expensive clothes. Also, there are many lazy and irresponsible males.
  • The status of females on their motherland. Women in Pakistan are valued less than men. They are often under the pressure of different prejudices that exist in society. Everyone will judge them if they often go somewhere without their husband or other male relatives. It’s forbidden to wear revealing clothes. Salaries for females are less than for males. So, no wonder that they want to escape from this country to the one with more advanced views.
  • Unfavorable environment. The crime rate is very high in Pakistan. Terrorism, robberies, drug and human trafficking are very widespread there. So, many women want to avoid living in such a dangerous country.
  • Wrong family model on their motherland. Though women have the rights of education and job they still keep being undermined in families. Often their opinion means less than their husband’s one. They are expected to have many children because abortions are prohibited. Mothers-in-law often treat Pakistani wives very hostile. They make them work hard and don’t care about their health and interests. Furthermore, it is still allowed for men to have more than one wife.

Where to Meet Pakistani Women?

It is impossible to meet Pakistani girls in their motherland. All the women wear clothes which hide whole bodies. And It’s forbidden for them to communicate with male strangers.

So, the only place where you can find Pakistani women for marriage is the Web. There are some websites on which Pakistani mail order brides are looking for their destiny. So, don’t miss your chance to get an awesome wife.

Pakistani Dating Culture: 5 Tips on Dating Pakistani Girls

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Dating a Pakistani woman is very peculiar. You should take into account the specificity of this nationality mentality. So, here are some pieces of advice we recommend you to pay attention to:

  • Find common topics to talk about. If you show you’ve got the same interests, it will make you closer.
  • Show your intentions. Pakistani girls are not interested in pointless flirting. They won’t keep communicating with a man if he doesn’t show her that he has something serious about her. If you don’t hint at the wedding and don’t discuss the future of your relationships she will find another candidate on being her spouse. 
  • Communicate with her family. It will be great if you establish contact with her mom, dad, and other relatives. Because according to local traditions the final decision about marriage is made by parents. If they won’t approve a fiance, the woman won’t be able to marry you. So, if you realize that you like the Pakistani girl you communicate with it’s time to get acquainted with her family. The earlier you do it the better. While talking with them show your best qualities, demonstrate your good attitude to their daughter, speak about your intentions about her. Also, there is a tradition to give presents to the bride’s parents while getting acquainted.
  • Treat her well. Pakistani women appreciate a good attitude. If you are kind and understanding you will definitely win her heart.
  • Don’t insist on intimacy. Sexy Pakistani women reveal their hotness only after marriage. Intimate relationships before the wedding are strictly forbidden by this country’s traditions. If she sees sexual references in your behavior you will make a bad impression on her and she will avoid keeping communicating with you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pakistani Women

If you still have something that is not clear about pretty Pakistani women then read the answers to the most widespread questions about them.

What is their mother language? Do they speak English?

In this country, Eastern languages are widespread. The most popular among them is Panjabi. The national one is Urdu. And the second official language is English. It is taught at schools and other educational institutions. So, the majority of the population has at least the beginner level of this language. Many girls from wealthy families who can afford to study at private schools master English at an advanced level.

Is it permitted to marry foreigners for Pakistani women?

There is no law that prohibits this in this country. But everything depends on the certain girl’s family. If her parents have old-fashioned views they won’t allow her to marry a foreigner. They will find a fiance for her by themselves among the local men. But if they’ve got modern views they will agree with their daughter’s choice if they like you.

Are Pakistani women good in the role of housekeepers?

These ladies are very good as mothers. They believe that giving birth to children and up-bringing them in the right way is the purpose of a female’s life. But it’s hard to say that they are very diligent housekeepers. Of course, they can cook well and do the cleaning if it is needed. But if the family has enough money, they immediately hire a maid. Even if they can’t afford to buy other important things because they have to pay the salary to a maid, they won’t refuse from the paid help in housekeeping.