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India is not just one of the world’s most populous countries — it’s also a place where some of the best brides on the planet live. While some men are chasing the distant and overly independent Western women, others are already living their best lives with Indian brides. Here is everything you need to know about Indian women for marriage!

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Why Are Indian Woman so Popular Nowadays?

hot indian girl

India has skyrocketed in the popularity ranks for seekers of Asian brides, and there is a good cause for that. The women of India have a lot to offer to any man who decides to marry one of them. Dating an Indian girl will make you the happiest man on the planet for the following reasons:

They are stunning

The appearance of a typical Indian girl does not fit into the usual standard of Asian beauty. However, there are plenty of fans of Indian beauty around the world. The lightly tanned skin and luscious black hair of an Indian beauty, along with her captivating eyes, are enough to make any man fall for her.

What’s even more important is that Indian girls know exactly how to make their beauty shine. Their masterful use of makeup will make you think there is no makeup present at all, and the elegant yet highly authentic fashion sense of an Indian woman will make her the best-dressed guest at any event she visits with you.

They are smart

If you want your Asian bride to not only look good, but also become your partner in every sense of the world, you definitely cannot go wrong with an Indian bride. These women inherently smart and they invest a lot of time and effort to maintain that.

A lot of Indian girls don’t stop at secondary education and enroll in India’s most prestigious universities and obtain at least one degree. That is why they are able to not just support any conversation, but also build a great career for themselves and help you achieve more in your workplace.

They are caring

We don’t know if it’s a genetic feature or a result of their upbringing, but Indian girls are some of the most caring individuals we have ever met. When they are still very young, they hone their skills by taking care of their family members, but once they find a soulmate, they start directing all their efforts towards him.

For you, it will feel like you are the most cherished person on the planet. Your Indian woman will always make sure you are warm, full, comfortable, happy, and satisfied. She will never let you go to work without a tasty homemade breakfast and will always let you spend some quality time with your friends to unwind.

They are easy-going

When you visit India or talk to Indian girls online, you are guaranteed to be surprised by how easy-going and laid-back Indian women are. It doesn’t take much to start a conversation with an Indian girl or move the relationship forward — an Indian woman won’t make you jump through the hoops just to spend time with her.

This is even more apparent when you are already in a relationship. Unlike many other young women, an Indian girl won’t make unreasonable demand or expect expensive presents every day. She will be happy just to be by your side and to have you love and appreciate her.

What Are Indian Wives Like?

Dating an Indian girl will likely be one of the best experiences in your life, but what about Indian women for marriage? This is what you can expect from an Indian wife:

  • Household magic

An Indian woman not only readily does the chores around the house — she actually enjoys doing them! And don’t get us started on the incredible cooking skills of Indian women — you will never want to eat takeaway again!

  • Loyalty

With an Indian wife, you won’t ever need to worry about fidelity. It is simply impossible for an Indian woman to consider being with another man when she is married, so you can always be confident in her loyalty.

  • Maternal instinct

Sometimes it feels like all Indian women are born to be mothers. If you cannot wait to have children, there is no better mother for your kids than a loving, patient, and caring Indian wife.

Why Are Indian Women Looking for a Foreign Husband?

You can probably guess that many Indian mail order brides seek marriage to a foreigner due to financial reasons. However, the economic situation in India is not as drastic as in some other Asian countries, which is why we cannot say that financial stability is not the only reason why Indian brides get married to Western men.

For some Indian girls, marriage to a foreigner is the only way to escape the tradition of arranged marriages in India. Finally, many Indian women value their careers and believe they can achieve more if they move to a more developed Western country.

Where to Meet Indian Women?

India is a beautiful and fascinating country that attracts lots of tourists every year. However, those brief visits to India are hardly the best way to find an Indian wife. There are simply too many beautiful and young Indian women for you to meet enough of them, and they may not be particularly happy to talk to a random stranger in the street.

There is a much better chance of meeting your future Indian wife on one of the many Asian dating sites. The women there are not only attractive and full of love, but they also know exactly what they want, and that’s to become a mail order Indian bride.

Indian Dating Culture: 5 Tips on Dating an Indian Girl

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If you sign up for one of the Indian dating sites, consider yourself lucky, because Indian girls there will be more motivated to enter a relationship with you. However, if you want to increase your chances of a successful outcome, these five tips should help:

  • Demonstrate your serious intentions

Indian brides are not looking for a one-night stand or a meaningless fling. If they agree to go out with you, they likely want serious commitment in the future. If you have the intention of marrying your Indian girl, make sure to let her know.

  • Be courteous

Unlike Western women, who are rapidly adopting a feminist outlook on life, Indian women want to see a real man by their side. All you need to do is express your best gentlemanly qualities and behavior!

  • Respect her family

An Indian girl’s family may not be instantly happy with the idea of their daughter marrying a foreigner. You don’t need to pressure them into liking you — as long as you let them take the time to get used to this idea and respect them, everything should be fine.

  • Be confident

A typical beautiful Indian girl is very resilient on her own, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t want a strong partner. You need to express confidence in every situation where it’s possible without seeming rude or inconsiderate.

  • Gifts never hurt

If you are looking for an easy way to charm an Indian girl, you cannot really go wrong with gifts. They don’t need to always be expensive, but they need to lovely and thoughtful to impress the girl.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a language barrier?

The official and most common language in India is Hindi, which can be very challenging for a foreigner to learn. However, we are happy to tell you that English is the second most common language in India and it is highly likely that most Indian brides know at least some English.

That is why you should never worry about a language barrier. The English skills of most Indian brides should be enough for the first phases of a relationship, and given how quickly these women learn, they will know English even better in no time. If you want to impress your Indian wife, you can also learn some phrases in Hindi.

Is there going to be a religious conflict?

While there are some Christians and Muslims in India, the majority of the country — around 80% — practices Hinduism. We would be lying if we said religion didn’t occupy a major part of an Indian girl’s life, but there is no reason for a conflict.

Even if you are non-religious or practise a different religion, all you need to do is be respectful towards the religious views of your Indian bride and her family. Take part in the traditions and express genuine interest in their spiritual life, and that should be enough to keep everyone happy.

Will my Indian wife continue working?

There is a small percentage of Indian brides who prefer being housewives and taking care of the children, but the majority of Indian ladies will likely want to keep their jobs. And there is no reason to feel unhappy about it — Indian women are excellent multitaskers and can easily combine a brilliant career with a happy family life.