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Egypt is not some tiny and obscure country, but when thinking about Egypt, most of us are imagining its rich history, ancient culture, and popular tourist spots. However, there is one more aspect of Egypt that you need to know about, and it’s the fabulous Egyptian women who can become your perfect candidates for marriage or dating.

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Why Are Egyptian Women so Popular Nowadays?

With so many men chasing Egyptian women for marriage, you cannot help but wonder: what makes them so coveted on the international dating arena? Here are just some of the best things about them.

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They are the epitome of exotic beauty

If you are thinking about Cleopatra as the perfect portrayal of an Egyptian woman, you are not too far off. Most women in Egypt have dark, silky hair and olive skin that looks particularly great in the sun. The signature traits of Egyptian women are their dark eyes and highly contrasting facial features, which allows them to look striking with little to no makeup. Egyptian girls are not too tall or skinny, but their feminine figures are exactly what you will want to see day in and day out.

They have traditional values

The worldview of Egyptian women has not changed much over the last few decades and while millions of women in the world are now aiming for great careers and prefer casual relationships, Egyptian women are as focused on marriage and family as they were a century ago. If you want someone reliable and loyal who will always put you first, you cannot go wrong with an Egyptian girl.

They are smart and well-read

Egyptian families highly value education and they invest a lot of time, money, and effort into giving their daughters a high-quality education. Moreover, Egyptian girls are naturally hungry for knowledge and they never lose an opportunity to learn something new. Talking to an Egyptian woman for the first time will be truly enlightening to you, and that feeling won’t go away even by your 1000th conversation.

They won’t compare you to other men

A typical Egyptian woman does not have a lot of dating experience by the time she gets married, and doesn’t know a lot of men outside of her family circle. That is why she will never be compelled to compare you unfavorably to other men and will be more than happy just to have you by her side every day.

They can easily adapt to new conditions

One of the best things about Egyptian women that makes them so popular for international marriages is that they are actually very flexible and can adapt to any new challenges life has in store for them. Whether it’s moving to another country, going to work, leaving work completely, having children, or upending their whole lives for marriage, there is nothing that will ruin an Egyptian woman’s cheerful outlook.

What Are Egyptian Wives Like?

Marrying an Egyptian woman, who had a totally different upbringing and grew up in a completely different society, is a bold move, but it’s the one move you will probably never regret. Egyptian women for marriage have many strong sides, and these are the best ones.

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They are born to become mothers

You may meet an Egyptian girl who is a brilliant scientist, a talented artist, or a devoted office worker, but none of those things matter to her as much as motherhood. Egyptian women are fine with waiting for a little while before having children, but once you two decide you are ready to make your family bigger, you will never stop admiring your Egyptian wife’s maternal skills, instincts, and love.

They are fully devoted to their families

From a moment an Egyptian woman begins a serious relationship, her man and her future children become her top priority. Marriage and family is something Egyptian women take very seriously and they will never allow other aspects of their life, including work and friendships, to distract them from their true calling, which is family life.

They work hard around the house

Egyptian wives take special pride in the way their family home looks, feels, and smells. No matter how busy your Egyptian wife may be, she will always find the time to clean, iron the clothes, and, of course, prepare a full meal for the whole family. With an Egyptian woman as your wife, you will probably never return to food delivery or frozen meals in your fridge, and your life will definitely benefit from it.

Why Are Egyptian Women Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Millions of Egyptian women find happiness with local men and get married every year, but there is a substantial percentage of Egyptian girls who not only dream about meeting foreign men for marriage, but also take active steps to achieve those dreams. Here are the three biggest reasons why that happens:

  1. They want a better life. Egypt is not the most troubled or poorest country in the world, but it’s also not the most prosperous or peaceful one. Egyptian women rightfully believe that they can get a better quality of living with a foreign husband.
  2. They want more freedom. Egyptian women are restricted in many regards, both by their religion and their society. They think that moving abroad for marriage will unlock more doors for them than they can ever get in their home country.
  3. They are attracted to foreigners. The look, behavior, ambitions, and accomplishments of Western men are very appealing to Egyptian women and they are prepared to go to great lengths to get married to a foreign husband.

Where to Meet Egyptian Women?

There is a good chance that you have already visited Egypt as a tourist or plan to do it in the nearest future, but it’s not the best way to meet your future Egyptian wife. First, many of the women you meet in the hospitality industry may be already married, not very interested in dating and marrying a foreigner, or face a language barrier due to not having a perfect level of English. Plus, Egyptian women are mostly Muslim and are not that open to meeting single men in the streets.

You have a much higher possibility of meeting Egyptian women for marriage if you sign up for a foreign dating site. The women there are good-looking, clever, and sociable, but most importantly, they know exactly what they want in life, and what they want is to get married to a man from overseas and start a family.

Egypt Dating Culture: 5 Tips on Dating Egyptian Girls

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When you are about to date your first ever Egyptian lady, it’s perfectly normal for you to be slightly worried about the dating process and its outcome. However, with these five tips, dating an Egyptian girl will feel as natural and satisfying as a relationship with a woman from your own country.

  • It’s all about decency. An Egyptian woman is not someone who will kiss on the first date, have one-night stands, or upload barely dressed photos of herself to social media. Egyptian women behave very decently and you need to follow suit.
  • Show your serious side. It’s fine to demonstrate your sense of humor and the entertaining side of your personality, but those things aren’t worth much if you don’t show your serious intentions regarding your relationship.
  • Volunteer to meet her family. Being the first to suggest your meeting with the parents of your Egyptian girlfriend will not only prove to her that you have long-term plans involving her, but will also win you bonus points from her family.
  • Demonstrate your interest in her culture. There is more to Egyptian culture and history than you learned at school, so you first need to catch up on reading and then show off your knowledge in a casual conversation with your Egyptian woman.
  • Make decisions quickly. It’s not common for Egyptian girls to date for years before getting married. They are convinced that it shouldn’t take more than a year for a couple to tie the knot, so you need to plan your relationship accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Are Egyptian women overly religious?

Egypt is a predominantly Islamic country and close to 90% of its population, including the majority of Egyptian women for marriage, are Muslims. Religion dictates many aspects of life for Egyptian women, but more and more Egyptian girls are trying to not have religion as too big of an influence on their views.

Will my Egyptian wife’s parents be too involved in our marriage?

Egyptian girls have a close connection to their parents and regularly rely on them for advice and help. However, the parents of a typical Egyptian woman are wise enough to back off once their daughter gets married, so while they will continue being a large part of her life, they will not make your own life any harder than it is.

Can Egyptian women stay loyal to one man for life?

Absolutely! In fact, that’s what most of them strive to achieve. Nothing makes an Egyptian woman happier than meeting her ideal man in her early twenties and staying with him for as long as both of them are alive. When you are married to an Egyptian wife, you can rest assured she will never seriously consider leaving you for another man.