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Let’s be honest from the start. Singapore is Asia, but not the Asia that evokes traditional associations in the thoughts of Westerners. Singapore is one of the few countries of the future that was created from virtually nothing and in several decades has become one of the most prosperous in the world. Of course, these people have their own mentality, which differs from the Asian in the classical sense. And Singaporean women are no exception. Nevertheless, more and more men from Europe, America, and Australia are paying attention to the Singaporean ladies, and if you are one of them, then this full-fledged guide is for you.

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Why Singaporean Women Are So Popular Nowadays?

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Singapore is a fairly young state, but it has already become a popular tourist destination. Mentally, this country is at the crossroads of the West and the East, so here we can observe the rapid development at a Western pace, and the preserved traditionality and conservatism as the best features of the East. Singaporean girls are about east and west at the same time. These are Asian girls with European values. However, this is not the only reason why they are popular in the online dating market.

  • Singaporean women are beautiful. Of course, girls of all nationalities are beautiful in their own way, so this is exclusively a matter of taste. Women from Singapore have a miniature figure, long dark hair, and puffy lips. While Western women are trying to get it all with the help of plastic and cosmetology, Asian girls have already received it all from nature.
  • Singaporean women are smart. The Singapore government has done a lot to ensure that women and men have equal rights and opportunities. In fact, men still earn a little more than women (6% more on average), but the girls here are very smart and educated. The education system in this country is considered one of the best in the world, and at the same time, not all citizens of the country are awarded this honor, but only the best of them.
  • Singaporean women are self-sufficient. The modern generation is brought up with the belief that a woman should be independent and not expect from a man that he will support her financially. Youโ€™ve heard it somewhere, havenโ€™t you? Yes, this is a typical European approach to life, and if you also share this opinion, feel free to meet Singapore women in person.
  • Singaporean women are not as modest as other Asian women. And here is the second European trait of these women. Singaporean girls really are not as shy as Asians from other countries. These girls easily get acquainted with white guys, speak English fluently, and very often have nothing against romantic adventures. And by the way, they are not shy about wearing short skirts and half-open t-shirts. So the myth of sexy Singaporean girls is not quite a myth.

What Are Singapore Wives Like?

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Singaporean wives are just the case when the best features of East and West are found in one person. Letโ€™s find out the details.

  • Singaporean women know their worth. These are girls who love themselves, know their worth, and realize their importance. But do not confuse this with selfishness โ€“ love for others always begins with self-love, so this is a fairly adequate trait that is typical of the Western mentality.
  • Singaporean women know how to maintain balance. These are girls who are focused on their careers, however, when they meet someone who really suits them, they are ready to allocate a place for her husband, family, and children. However, do not expect them to give up work, career, and development โ€“ as we have said, Singaporean girls are brought up in the spirit of self-sufficiency.
  • Singaporean women respect family values. Nevertheless, these girls share the traditional Asian views that divorce is not always the best way out, itโ€™s normal for a woman to do household chores and take care of children. In addition, they are very respectful of parents and older relatives.
  • Singaporean women want to have a partnership. And here is another western feature โ€“ they are ready to invest their time and energy in relationships and family, but they will expect the same from a man. In other words, they are for gender equality in marriage and the family, and for fair agreements based on mutual respect.

So Singaporean women for marriage are a choice for brave men. Nevertheless, if you share Western views on life and at the same time admire the Asian beauty, then this is probably the best choice you can make.

Why Singapore Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

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Why canโ€™t women from one of the richest and most prosperous countries in the world be happy in their homeland? This is partly a philosophical question โ€“ a person is almost never satisfied with what he has, this is a feature of human nature. However, in the case of beautiful Singaporean girls, there are several more economic and personal reasons that encourage them to look towards the white guys.

  • Singapore is a separate world that does not suit everyone. Yes, by law women have equal rights with men, but the situation is such that anyway, a large number of women work in low-paid jobs. Some of them are forced to live with their parents for a long time. In addition, Singapore is a country of natural selection โ€“ here women with the highest level of intelligence receive a cash bonus after the birth of their third child, and girls without education can undergo voluntary sterilization in exchange for an apartment after the birth of their second child. It is not surprising that many women, both with higher education and without it, want to change their place of residence to a country that will be more loyal to their personal choice and will not divide people into โ€œnecessary and excellentโ€ and โ€œso so onesโ€.
  • Foreigners are more romantic. Itโ€™s true. Those who lived in Singapore for some time say that local men only meet girls for a certain purpose โ€“ someone is looking for the opportunity to move from their parents, someone wants to get married for certain benefits, someone just looking for quick sex. Western men are really more romantic โ€“ they tend to see a girl in a girl and go on dates with her, because she is pretty and interesting, without special strategic goals.
  • Local men will not date a woman who earns more. This is paradoxical, but it is a fact. Local men are too proud to date a girl who earns more. They consider it below their dignity.

Important! In response to this attitude from local men, hot Singaporean women consider the guys โ€™financial condition important. In this sense, they are also pragmatic and realistic as Europeans or Americans. And here there is a very delicate moment โ€“ they will not demand money from you, but Singaporean girls want to meet a person who corresponds to their level of earnings, education, ambitions, and development.

Where to Meet Singapore Women?

This is exactly the case when pretty Singaporean women can easily agree to meet and talk with you right on the streets of Singapore. However, we can offer you an even more strategically thought out option โ€“ dating Singaporean girls online. What is more, thoughtful algorithms designed for dating platforms will help you find your half based on your goals, interests, wishes, and intentions. In the meantime, weโ€™ll tell you a few rules about dating a Singaporean woman.

Singaporean Dating Culture: 4 Tips on Dating a Singaporean Girl

In fact, there are no secrets. Since these are fairly open girls with a relatively free view of life, it will be enough for you to just be yourself. Here are some more tips.

  • Immediately identify your goals. Singaporean brides can look for both a serious relationship and someone with whom they can have fun.
  • Respect her parents and do not say anything bad about yours. Respect for parents flows in the blood of all Asians, without exception.
  • Look for a girl of your level. This is not the case when the games of Cinderella and the handsome prince are appropriate.
  • Speak on different topics. Singaporean mail order brides are educated enough to make any conversation interesting and seamless.


Well, to conclude our article, let us answer a few more questions about these ladies.

Can Singaporean women cook?

For the most part, young girls (from 18 to 30) rarely know how to cook and do not like to do it. And women older than 30 do it easily and with pleasure.

Do they speak English?

Singapore has been a British colony for almost 100 years. Could this be the answer to your question?

Is it true that the most educated Singaporean women do not seek to marry and have children?

This is true, but only in part. This statement has as much truth as the same one only about women from America or Europe โ€“ yes, Singaporean girls prefer a career to a certain point, and then keep the balance between family and work.