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Taiwan is an interesting country with peculiar traditions and mentality. Local people’s mindset combines the opposite opinions and trends from absolutely different countries: Japan and the USA. So, it makes their worldview rather unusual. That is why many foreigners are interested in getting acquainted with these people. And Taiwanese women deserve special attention. Let’s look at them more detailed and solve the riddle of these ladies’ peculiarities.

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Why Taiwanese Women are So Popular Nowadays?

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They are really competitive in the marriage market. And here are the characteristics that make Taiwanese brides so desired.


Ladies from this country can’t be named lazybones. They are very easy-going. They don’t need too much planning to go on a trip. They are always ready to attend different events, travel to other cities and countries. They prefer active leisure then lying on the sofa and watching TV.


There is the belief that all the citizens of countries with a warm climate are very positive. And this is really true when we are talking about women in Taiwan. They often smile and laugh, and do it genuinely. Also, they are fond of a good sense of humor.

These girls never give up and find a way out of any difficult situation due to their optimism.

They are pleasant in communication because they don’t fixate on negative topics.

Good education

In this country, the system of education is well developed. Women have access to colleges and universities. Many Taiwanese ladies have a higher technical education. So, the one who marries a girl from this country will always have an interesting conversationalist by his side.


People from this country are very tolerant of the other person’s differences. The girl of this nationality will never condemn you if your opinions are different from hers. She will try to find a compromise.

Besides, these women are more loyal to other persons’ habits. They won’t try to persuade you to live in another way. They will just deal with your lifestyle even if it is very different from their one.

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Social activeness

Taiwanese women are used to being a part of a group. They are not individual but team players. That is why they do their best to get along with other people. They easily make friends, don’t like to have arguments, try to make compromises, and know how to forgive.

Good health

Taiwanese girls are fond of sports. They will prefer going for a walk, jogging or cycling than staying at home.

Besides, they like not only to do sports but also to watch the different competitions and to take an interest in famous sportsmen’s lives. So, there will be common topics to talk about.

Talking about bad habits, they are unacceptable for pretty Taiwanese women. They don’t smoke and avoid drinking alcohol.

Often Taiwanese women stick to a healthy diet.


Beautiful Taiwanese women often have ancestors from various countries. A combination of different genes gives excellent results. Sexy Taiwanese women have appealing facial features and attractive bodies.

Also, they like to stand out from the crowd. These girls monitor the trends from Japan, Korea, and the USA. So, fashion in this country is rather special. Women wear stylish clothes in different styles. Many of them like bright outlooks, expressive hairdos. Also, there is a trend to wear colorful contact lenses. Such interesting looks eye-catching and attract men’s attention.

Being reserved

Though Taiwanese girls like outstanding appearance it’s hard to say that their character is expressive. These women are reserved and calm. Often, they don’t like big parties. It makes them perfect for a serious relationship.

What are Taiwanese wives like?

There are some more factors that make Taiwanese women for marriage being in such a big demand. As spouses, they show some favorable character traits. They have absorbed many good things both from Eastern and Western mentalities. Taiwanese wives are:

  • Respectful. The customs of this country tell people to worship their spouses and senior relatives. Such a wife will respect you and get along with in-laws.
  • Economical. They prefer to manage the family’s finances rationally. These women don’t do thoughtless shopping. They don’t like wasting money for nothing.
  • Calm. Taiwanese women are not short-tempered. They argue very seldom and prefer resolving any issues peacefully.
  • Kind. Girls of this nationality have big hearts. They are very sympathetic. So, such a wife will comfort you every time you are sad.
  • Active. If you don’t like staying at home and watching series or just lay on the beach while having a vacation then Taiwanese wife if a perfect variant for you. She will be glad if you go cycling or skiing together or attend any interesting event, or go on an exciting trip together.
  • Tolerant. These women are loyal to opinions and habits which are different from their ones. So, you won’t be afraid to be judged for your views or lifestyle.

Why Taiwanese Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

There are enough men on their motherland. But still, some Taiwanese girls start searching for future spouses from abroad. Here are the two most common reasons for this:

  • The desire to say goodbye to gender stereotypes. As there are some Eastern elements in Taiwanese culture, women are thought to be more mothers and wives than professionals. Being a career climber is not a point of pride for women in Taiwan. There is a stereotype that ladies who focus on their professional growth as the main aim in their lives are unhappy, angry and unsatisfied with their fate.
  • The willing to marry later than the majority of compatriots. Many Taiwanese girls think of getting married in their twenties. But some of them want to get a degree and start a good career first. So, by the time they will start thinking of a family all the good men will be already married. That’s why such women will look for a future husband from the country in which early marriages are not common.

Where to Meet Taiwanese Women?

Taiwan is rather popular as a tourist destination. There are many sightseeings there. So, you can go there to see them. But if you travel to this country looking for a wife you will fail in your search. Though Taiwanese girls are friendly, they are well-bred and shy, so, they don’t flirt with men, especially with foreigners, on the streets or in public places.

So, the only way out is the Internet. There are only ladies who are interested in getting acquainted with a man for further relationships there. Besides, hot Taiwanese girls feel more uninhibited while texting with men then while talking in real.

So, it is quite possible to find a Taiwanese mail order bride. Many special websites will help you with this.

Taiwanese Dating Culture: 6 Tips on Dating Taiwanese Girls

Dating a Taiwanese woman is very different from building a relationship with a Western lady. Here are some tips that will be useful to you. Stick to them and you will have more chances to get reciprocity from Taiwanese woman:

  • Get rid of bad habits. As these women don’t drink alcohol and don’t smoke, they don’t want their boyfriends to do this. If you can’t get rid of such habits at once try to hide them from her.
  • Be friendly. The girls of this nationality like open-minded people who are easy to communicate with.
  • Show your sense of humor. Nice jokes can be the best way to get Taiwanese girl’s attention. But be careful with a dark sense of humor. Taiwanese women are superstitious, so, they won’t like it.
  • Spend time together actively. Join her in her leisure activities. If you show her you’ve got common interests it will make her trust you more.
  • Help her when she is in trouble. This way you will prove that she is important for you.
  • Respect her circle. Taiwanese women are very sociable and perceive themselves as the parts of a group. So, if you don’t respect her relatives and friends she will concern that you don’t respect her.

Frequently Asked Questions about Taiwanese Women

hot taiwanese woman

What language do Taiwanese women speak?

The two most widespread languages in this country are Chinese and English. So, there won’t be any language barrier. The level of English that Taiwanese girls have, allows them to communicate fluently.

Are Taiwanese girls ready to move to another country?

It depends on a certain person. Some of them are eager to move from their motherland but there are some women who want their husbands to move to their country. You should discuss this issue in advance.

Are they good mothers?

Taiwanese women are very friendly, sympathetic and kind-hearted. These qualities make them good mothers. Their children will always feel beloved. 

Are they good housekeepers?

Not all these women like to cook and do other household chores. Many of them would prefer to divide all of them with their husbands equally. So, be ready to do the part of household chores.

What is the average age of Taiwanese brides?

The society of this country appreciates early marriages. Many girls become wives in the age of 18-22. But there are some women who prefer to be single until 27-30 years old. More often the second category looks for foreign fiances.