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Sri Lanka is a fairly popular tourist destination, unlike, for example, Burma. However, most foreigners perceive this country only as a treasury of Buddhist values โ€‹โ€‹and excellent options for a beach holiday on the ocean, and nothing more. Nevertheless, Sri Lanka can offer you more, especially if you are single, you do not have cultural stereotypes and you want to build your happiness no matter where your soulmate is from. In this article, we invite you to find out the most important about Sri Lankan women for marriage and make a final decision on whether these girls are right for you.

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Why Sri Lankan Women Are So Popular Nowadays?

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Sri Lankan women are not surrounded by stereotypes about the most beautiful in the world, such as Brazilian women. They are not so famous and popular, and itโ€™s even good โ€“ they are not yet spoiled by increased attention and foreign influence.

Therefore, if you want to connect your life with a girl who has kept real values in herself and who will bring them to your family, pay attention to Sri Lankan girls. Here are a few more reasons why you should do this.

  • They are beautiful. Yes, this is a special beauty that is unusual for the western eye. Typically, these girls have almond-colored skin, black and thick hair, the same black eyes and puffy lips. And all this without the intervention of plastic surgery and cosmetology โ€“ moderate makeup is the upper limit.
  • They are educated. More then half of the population of Srilanka has a university degree. And this is one of the highest rates in this part of the planet. Sri Lanka ladies are generally educated and can maintain a conversation on any topic.
  • They are kind. The population in Sri Lanka is kind and smiling people. They are not inclined to conflicts, they do not create reasons for scandals, and they smile in any circumstances. Since the majority of the population professes Buddhism, these are people who are not at all prone to cruelty.
  • They are loyal. Sri Lankans have a good relationship with both their neighbors and foreigners. Do not doubt that your pretty Sri Lankan girl will not care what country you come from โ€“ if you are a good person and suitable for her.
  • They are funny. Most of the girls from this country live a rather difficult life, but they still retained the ability to enjoy every day, sing, dance, wear bright clothes and thank Buddha for this beautiful day. Be sure that with your Sri Lankan girl your life will also be filled with fun, optimism, love, and gratitude.

What Are Sri Lankan Wives Like?

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Hot Sri Lankan women are simply created to preserve family values and build strong relationships. Letโ€™s find out why.

  • They love children. Sri Lanka wives have a very pronounced maternal instinct. Typically, three to four children in a family are the norm. Richer families can afford even more. Therefore, the desire to have a lot of children is normal for this country.
  • They are patient. Buddha teaches us to be grateful and patient. These girls share this teaching, and this is clearly not the case when you can count on a scandal if you do not buy her a new pair of shoes.
  • They are great housewives. Traditionally, as soon as a woman from Sri Lanka gets married, this automatically means that she can no longer work, and take her time with worries about home, family, and husband. Most women do not really mind such a way of life, but given that most of them have higher education, they also see nothing wrong with combining family and work. But regardless of whether the Sri Lankan bride will work or not, she will still be a good housewife, mother, and lover.
  • They are modern and traditional in one bottle. These girls are aware of the need for their personal development and advancement, but still, keep family values โ€‹โ€‹within themselves. They already realized that it is unreasonable to rely only on a man, but the feminine tells them that it is right when the man is in charge. In a nutshell, Sri Lankan mail order brides can be described as wives who know their place and know their worth, are ready to obey their husbands, but at the same time be able to cope on their own.
  • They are not capable of treason. Sexy Sri Lankan women consider adultery unacceptable for a woman. Unfortunately, the men of this country do not share this opinion. In the next section, we will dwell on this issue in more detail.

Why Sri Lankan Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

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This is partly paradoxical why beautiful Sri Lankan women see foreigners as a suitable couple for themselves. After all, the society of this country is quite religious. However, not everything is so simple and straightforward โ€“ we live in the 21st century, and this makes its own adjustments. Here are the reasons why not all Sri Lankan women want to marry a local guy.

  • Contractual marriages. In this country, it is still a reality. Moreover, if the boyfriendโ€™s parents didnโ€™t like the girl, he cannot marry her. That is, the girl must pass a double test โ€“ and this is humiliating. Like living with a person chosen by parents, not the heart. Sri Lankan women begin to understand this and want to make personal choices.
  • Local men very often cheat. Men of this country are prone to betrayal, and most girls pretend that they do not notice it. Moreover, this is a normal picture when a man has several wives in different cities. Officially, this is not permitted by law, but since the country does not have a unified register of marriages, a man can get married any number of times. For a woman, the only way to find out about this is to wait until good people tell. Sri Lankan girls begin to feel that they are worth more than that attitude, even with all their patience and loyalty.
  • Gender inequality and the standard of living. Sri Lanka has one of the highest living standards in Asia, but this figure is several times lower than in America or Europe. Sri Lankan girls with higher education understand that they deserve a better place in society, and marriage to a foreigner automatically means a simplified procedure for a visa and work in another country.

Where to Meet Sri Lankan Women?

If you want to meet a Sri Lankan girl, then it is very simple to buy a ticket to this country and start diving into the unique life of Ceylon right on the spot. This is the most obvious way, but not the most effective and not the most economical.

We recommend that you start with dating a Sri Lankan woman online, and only then decide on a personal meeting. Modern technologies of online dating allow you to find the most suitable girl due to the matching algorithm based on artificial intelligence. However, in order for this to work, choose reliable sites with good reviews. In the meantime, we will share practical tips on dating Sri Lankan women.

Sri Lankan Dating Culture: X Tips on Dating a Sri Lankan Girl

Follow the five simple rules so that your communication with the Sri Lankan girl is interesting, laid-back and effective.

  • Be patient. These girls are very modest. Perhaps one of the most modest in the world. Therefore, do not think that everything will be fast. No, everything will be traditional โ€“ she will agree to meet with you personally only when she is sure that you are her person and that your intentions are serious.
  • Be yourself. People in Sri Lanka are not only good but also honest โ€“ it is not customary here to pretend to be someone and show off their achievements. Mirroring this attitude towards life, the Sri Lankan girl will wait for the same approach from you.
  • Get ready to meet her parents. These people greatly respect the older generation. Even if your girlfriend is from a progressive family, you will have to meet her parents when you arrive in this country.
  • Learn more about Ceylon culture. This is a universal tip. If you want to know a person better โ€“ ask her questions about her culture, values, opinions, and outlook on life.
  • Do not show serious intentions if you are not sure about it. In Sri Lanka, if a guy touches the girlโ€™s hand, he is obliged to marry her. Do you understand what we are talking about? Do not make promises or make ambiguous gestures if you are not confident in your intentions.


Just in case you have more questions, we are quickly answering them. 

What does the average Sri Lankan girl look like?

We have already said a few words about the appearance, and as for clothes, most often it is a traditional sari and a lot of jewelry on the hair, neck, and hands. By the way, it is forbidden to wear clothes covering the face in Sri Lanka.

Should I start a relationship with a Sri Lankan woman if I donโ€™t want children?

Of course, why not? Just do not hide this fact.

Do I have to pay to marry Sri Lankan?

Here there is an interesting feature โ€“ as a rule, the groom pays a ransom for a girl with higher education. However, this is not a critical requirement โ€“ most likely, you will be able to find a compromise with her parents.