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Located in Southeast Asia, Laos is a relatively small country that is often overshadowed by its neighboring countries, Thailand and Vietnam, when it comes to tourism and business opportunities. However, there is one aspect of Laos that attracts thousands of men from around the world. We are talking about Laos women for marriage, who have so many amazing qualities that they can win your heart without even trying.

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Why Are Laos Women so Popular Nowadays?

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The popularity of Laos mail order brides has grown steadily for the past few years, which can be rather surprising if you take into account the size of the country and its female population. However, these four qualities of Laos girls allow you to quickly understand why they are so attractive to men.

They are stunning

The beauty of Laos women is not up for the debate. It’s the perfect combination of familiar and exotic features that allows them to look absolutely unique yet not too foreign for the taste of an average man.

What’s even more important is that Laos girls seem to be oblivious about their own beauty, which only makes them more charming. These are not the women who will rock a full face of makeup when going out to get groceries or invest in expensive beauty procedures in an effort to maintain their good looks. They are simply naturally beautiful and stay that way for decades.

They are modest

You can clearly tell that men go head over heels for Laos women, but these girls are still some of the most modest women Asia has to offer. They will never behave too risky around men or make constant demands to bring them expensive gifts or take them to luxury vacations, which is why dating a Laos girl feels so refreshing.

They are caring

If you are like most men, you are probably used to taking care of your parents, partners, friends, and everyone who needs it. But what about you? This is why you will feel so comfortable with a Laos woman by your side. These women are happy to take care of their soulmate, and their caring attitude can take different forms, from packing you a delicious homemade lunch for work to allowing you to take an evening off from the family and spend it with your friends.

They are clever

Laos girls may lack the outstanding education of Western women, but they more than make up for it with their innate wisdom and intelligence. Laos women are very quick learners and are eager to find out about new things. Moreover, they make excellent conversation partners and will effortlessly charm your family, friends, coworkers, or anyone who meets them.

What Are Laos Wives Like?

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By now, you probably know enough about Laos women to be convinced that they make excellent girlfriends, but if you are on a search for your perfect wife, Laos girls are simply flawless marriage material. These are the three best things about being married to a beautiful Laos woman.

Maternal instincts

Most Laos women want to get married and spend the rest of their lives with their one true love, but they also do not consider family to be complete without children. Many girls in Laos grow up with younger siblings and learn how to take care of kids. By the time they reach the age of marriage, they are ready to become mothers and are true pros when it comes to raising children.


For many Laos brides, loyalty is the most important quality in life, both for themselves and their future spouses. A Laos woman will stay faithful to her husband no matter what temptations life may offer. However, she will also expect unquestionable loyalty from you, which should be easy when you are married to a beautiful and loving Laos wife.

Homemaking skills

Your Laos wife may want to continue working after marriage or dedicate herself to the family completely, but the one thing that unites Laos women from both categories is how much they enjoy working around the house. Cleaning, decorating, and cooking are not just house chores to a Laos woman — they are a way to showcase her caring side.

Why Are Laos Women Looking for a Foreign Husband?

If you look at the male to female ratio in Laos, you will see that there is clearly no shortage of men in the country. However, many women of Laos prefer to seek husbands from Western countries. So why is this happening?

First of all, like any women in the world, Laos girls want to be treated well. Sadly, this is not something they can expect from local men, who only want them to work around the house and raise children, refusing to see them as individuals. That is why Laos brides are looking for Western men simply because they want to feel loved. And finally, Western guys are very attractive for a typical Laos bride and they cannot resist the charm of foreign bachelors.

Where to Meet Laos Women?

While Laos has plenty of interesting spots and attractions, it is nowhere near as popular among tourists as some of its Southeast Asian neighbors. And even if you do make your way to Laos, you should not expect to meet your future Laos wife when you’re sightseeing: a typical Laos girl is not the type of woman who will engage in a conversation with a foreign man.

Luckily, there is a much more cost-effective and fast way to find a beautiful Laos woman of your dreams. Simply sign up for one of the most reputable Asian dating sites and get access to the database of the most eligible Laos mail order brides who cannot wait to get married.

Laos Dating Culture: 5 Tips on Dating Laos Girls

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If you talk to any man who has already experienced the joy of being together with a Laos woman, dating a Laos girl is simply one of the best things in life anyone can hope for. Here are 5 tips that will help make your relationship even better:

  • Honesty is important. A Laos woman doesn’t really care how wealthy you are or if you have children from a previous relationship, but she always needs to know the truth — only then she can fully trust you.
  • Take matters into your own hands. In a way, Laos girls are rather old-fashioned. Even if they like a man very much, they rarely have the courage to make the first move and expect you to reach out first.
  • Be a gentleman. If you are tired of the feminist ideas of Western women, you will feel right at home with a Laos bride. These women not only enjoy when men take care of them — they actually expect you to cover the check and help them get out of the car.
  • Charm her family. There is possibly nothing more important for a Laos woman than her family and her parents need to approve you as the future husband for their daughter. Luckily, they are usually very open-minded and eager to make you feel comfortable.
  • Don’t skimp on gifts. Most Laos mail order brides are not spoiled by expensive presents from local men, which is why giving good gifts is a simple but effective way to melt the heart of a pretty Laos woman.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Laos bride only care about my money?

One of the most common misconceptions about Asian brides in general and Laos mail order brides in particular that these women are only after a foreign husband’s money. However, this stereotype is completely untrue and can be very offensive to a Laos bride. While the economic situation in Laos is far from perfect, Laos brides put romance and emotional connection above all, although they still want their man to be successful.

Will there be a problem of a language barrier?

Another unfortunate stereotype about Laos brides is that they don’t know English at all and cannot efficiently communicate with men on dating sites. We have to say that this stereotype is partially true. A very small part of the Laos population can speak decent English. At the same time, Laos brides are usually some of the most educated women in the country and often study English in schools and universities. Moreover, they are always ready to learn English when they are serious about their relationship with a foreign bachelor.

Do Laos women date around a lot?

Given how beautiful and sexy Laos women are and how naturally flirty they can sometimes behave, you can’t help but think that these girls have a lot of dating experience. However, this impression is not true at all. Laos girls are rather reserved, and even though they certainly enjoy the attention they get from men, they are in no rush to date around — all they want is to find their soulmate and live happily ever after.