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Few men know much about Saudi Arabian women. This can be explained by the traditions of this country. Local women are hidden figuratively and literally. They wear clothes that cover all the body leaving only eyes open. There are separate public places for men and women. It’s forbidden for females to use public transport, so, they go only by taxi. But still, some men are eager to get Saudi Arabian brides. Let’s find out the reasons for this. From this article, you will learn the peculiarities of the ladies’ from this country character, their view on relationships. Also, you will get some tips on how to attract Saudi Arabian girls.

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Why Saudi Arabian Women are so Popular Nowadays?

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It is in people’s nature to have a strong desire to get the forbidden fruit. As Saudi Arabian women remain mysterious for all the world many men dream of getting a wife from this country. Let’s discuss some more details about why the ladies from this country are so popular in the marriage market.

They are beautiful

Of course, it’s hardly possible to see this because pretty the bodies and faces of the ladies from this country are completely covered with special national clothes. But under the clothes, exotic Eastern beauty is hidden. And only husbands will have the luck to see the attractiveness of sexy Saudi Arabian women.

These ladies are calm

Not all men like women short-tempered and loud women. If you value modest and calm girls you will definitely like any lady from this country. Saudi Arabian girls are quiet and calm. They don’t like to hurry and do everything leisurely. The fuss is not for them. Also, they never shout. So, there is always a calm and relaxing atmosphere around the person with such character.

They are targeted at family

The relationships which don’t lead to the wedding are completely forbidden by the local culture and law. So, Saudi Arabian women are oriented at marriage. If you don’t want to waste your time without knowing if a lady has really serious intentions about you the woman of this nationality will be the best choice. If she communicates with you and shows that she likes you then you can be sure that she wants will not refuse to marry you. Just choose the right time and propose.

These ladies are not conflictual

They are brought up in a way to respect other persons. Saudi Arabian ladies never quarrel. They prefer to solve any misunderstandings with a peaceful conversation. They are always polite and suave.

What are Saudi Arabian Wives Like?

If you have already interested in getting acquainted with Saudi Arabian women for marriage then you should know what kind of wives they are. Here are some reasons why men are very seldom disappointed with Saudi Arabian wives:

  • Saudi Arabian women are loyal. They never cheat on their husbands and don’t flirt with other men.
  • They are devoted. Family is the most important thing for the ladies of this nationality. They always take care of a comfortable atmosphere at home.
  • They are good mothers. If you dream of a big family then the lady of this nationality is the best choice for you. These women don’t mind having several children.
  • Saudi Arabian girls treat their husbands respectfully. They don’t argue and never show a bad attitude to their spouses.
  • These women don’t control their husbands. You can spend time without her freely. She won’t claim that you should tell her where you are going every time. Also, she won’t bother you with numerous calls when you are busy. 

Why Saudi Arabian Women are Looking for Foreign Husbands?

The main and obvious reason is the status of women in this country. Females have fewer rights than men. So, many of them look at the marriage with a foreigner as at an opportunity to move abroad to the country where they will have more possibilities.

Where to Meet Saudi Arabian Women?

It’s impossible to meet Saudi Arabian girls in their motherland. The law and traditions do everything possible for women not to communicate with men at all. So, getting acquainted with a man especially with a foreigner is out of the question for women in this country. Here are the reasons why you will never get acquainted with a girl in Saudi Arabia:

  • By the local culture, it is concerned to be impolite even to stare at a woman.
  • Women don’t use public transport. The go by taxi or have a personal driver if their parents have enough money for this.
  • Many women don’t appear on the streets or in public places without male relatives.
  • There are separate halls for women, men, and families in cafes and restaurants.

So, the only way to learn beautiful Saudi Arabian girls more closely is to communicate with them online. There are many websites on which Saudi Arabian mail order brides are looking for their husbands. The Internet is the only place where women of this nationality can communicate with men freely. 

Saudi Arabian Dating Culture: 7 Tips on Dating Saudi Arabian Girls

beautiful saudi arabian woman

If you want to be successful in dating a Saudi Arabian girl you should meet her requirements first of all. Women from this country like financially successful, generous, strong, intelligent, and caring men. If you have got such characteristics and you have managed to attract the attention of a lady of this nationality then you need to learn some rules in order not to fail in developing relationships with her. Take into account such recommendations:

  • Be an interesting conversationalist. As many Saudi Arabian women have graduated from universities they like intelligent men who are interesting to speak with.
  • Show your seriousness. Relationships without serious intentions have no sense for the ladies of this nationality.
  • Show her that she is important to you. Be interested in her life, hobbies, and feelings. Support her when she is in trouble.
  • Avoid sexual references. Intimacy before marriage is strictly forbidden by the local culture. So, even very hot Saudi Arabian girls show their sexuality only to their husbands. If you hurry in discussing sexual topics she can stop communicating with you.
  • Don’t rush her. These ladies don’t like to make drastic decisions, Give her some time to think of your further relations. Don’t insist on the quick answer even in the case of the proposal.
  • Meet her parents if she wants it. It’s hardly possible to have good relations with the girl of this nationality without getting along with her parents. According to local rules, a woman can’t go anywhere without permission from her father. So, you won’t even have a chance to see her if you don’t agree with her parents. Of course, some girls can find ways to circumvent these restrictions but hiding your relationships can be rather problematic.
  • Discuss all the details of the lifestyle of your future family. For Saudi Arabian women, marriage is not only about love. It is concerned to be a kind of agreement. So, all the details of it should be advanced in advance. You should talk with her about all the important issues: where you are going to live, what kind of house you have, what will be your budget, how many children you plan to have, and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you know the basic information about the ladies of this nationality let’s discuss some more details that can be useful for you if you decide to find a Saudi Arabian bride. So, here are the answers to the questions about these women asked the most often.

What language do they speak?

The official language in this country is Arabian. The level of knowledge of English is rather low among the population. But still, well-educated Saudi Arabian girls can speak English because it is taught at schools and in the universities.

Are they well-educated?

The standard of education in this country is good. Many women graduate from universities. Usually, they study pedagogics or medicine.

Do they work after marriage?

Usually, these women are not eager to work. They live in the Eastern culture which doesn’t appreciate it when a woman is a career climber. Also, in their motherland, there are very few career prospects for females. For women in Saudi Arabia, it is possible to find a job only as teachers, nurses, or doctors. Other professions are not available for women. Also, they have to get permission from the male relative to start working.

But even without such strict restrictions, women of this nationality don’t have a big desire to work. They seldom start a career even if they marry foreigners and go abroad to a country where women have more rights. As they were brought up in a culture where women are not supposed to work they believe that the main purpose of the lady is to take care of her family.

Is it allowed for them to marry foreigners? 

Yes, it is. There is no law that forbids marrying foreigners for Saudi Arabian women. And according to the statistics, about four thousand ladies from this country marry foreigners each year. So, there shouldn’t be any problems. Especially if you are in good relations with parents of your Saudi Arabian bride.

Are they ready to leave their motherland?

It’s difficult to answer for sure. There are two types of women. Some of them are eager to go abroad because they don’t like the numerous restrictions for women in their motherland. Such women will willingly move to the country their foreign husband lives. But there is another type of ladies. They like their motherland and don’t want to leave it in any case. So, sometimes it happens that a man comes to Saudi Arabia to live together with his new wife. In such cases, the government gives to the husband of Saudi Arabian lady permission to work in this country.

How do they see family?

The family model in Saudi Arabia is rather specific. And as the girl is used to seeing such families from early childhood her requirements to the husband can be rather peculiar. These women believe that a man is the head of the family. So, they expect him to earn money and to make all the important decisions. Don’t try to ask such a woman for advice. She expects you to be more intelligent, strong, and decisive than she is. She can only support you morally in difficult situations.

Are they good at housekeeping?

Some Saudi Arabian women are really good at cooking. But many ladies of this nationality prefer having maids. Especially if the family is big. So, find out her attitude to housework in advance and be ready to hire a maid if it is necessary.