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Indonesia is a gorgeous country in Southeast Asia. It faces not one, but two oceans and has a rich history and culture. However, despite having millions of highly eligible bachelorettes, Indonesia is far from being Asia’s most popular mail order bride spot, which we believe to be a huge oversight. Indonesian women have everything it takes to become the most coveted brides in Asia. They are the perfect combination of exotic looks, lovable character, and other features that make them so attractive. Find out more about Indonesian women for marriage right now!

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Why Are Indonesian Women so Popular Nowadays?

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A typical Indonesian bride accumulates everything you may ever want to see in your future wife. Here are the three qualities that turn Indonesian women into the irresistible and admirable brides we know and love.

They are beautiful

The exotic beauty is probably the number one reason why so many men dream of meeting an Indonesian bride one day. Their caramel-colored skin, strong facial features, and long black hair are what dreams are made of.

Indonesian girls dress very modest, so you would never guess how gorgeous their bodies are. They are very fit but have curves in all the right places. And with an innate ability to maintain their beautiful figures even after several childbirths, you can expect your Indonesian woman to look as good in decades as she does today.

They are loving

Indonesian women don’t want much in life, but they want to love and be loved. Surprisingly enough, Indonesian girls don’t have a lot of dating experience by the time they reach the age of marriage, which means they have lots of unspent love to give to their husband.

At first glance, a beautiful Indonesian girl may seem cold and reserved, but that’s only because these women are very well-behaved and chaste. When they notice the relationship getting more serious, they will surround you with so much passion that you will hardly remember life before you met them.

They are smart

The best partner is not just someone you are attracted to romantically, but someone you can talk to for the whole night without getting bored or tired. This is exactly what you will get if you find and marry a sexy Indonesian girl.

Not only do women in Indonesia receive a decent education, but they are also committed to learning new things and becoming a better version of themselves every day. You can safely take your Indonesian bride to meet anyone and rest assured she will make the best possible impression.

What Are Indonesian Wives Like?

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Dating an Indonesian woman is a fantastic experience, but only in marriage, you can enjoy more of her amazing qualities:

Homemaking talents

Indonesian women can have fantastic careers and interesting hobbies, but keeping the house neat and tidy is one of their biggest gifts from God. They know how important a home is to a family and she will do everything it takes to make every member of the household enjoy their time at home.

We are not just talking about cleaning, washing, and decorating. We also cannot help but mention the incredible cooking skills of a typical Indonesian bride. These women are masters of their native cuisine, but they will also learn your favorite dishes to surprise you with beloved delicacies after work.

Maternal instincts

If there is one thing Indonesian women are born to do, it’s to become mothers. They are complete naturals at parenting and don’t need fancy books to know how to raise an individual who is both happy and independent. Having an Indonesian wife is one of the best things you can do for your future children.


When an Indonesian girl finds a husband, she expects the union to last forever. And she cannot imagine marriage without a partnership. To her, having a partner means not only relying on him, but also providing constant support. Whether you had a bad day at work, think about starting a new venture, or are going through other important things, you can always expect your Indonesian wife to have your back no matter what.

Where to Meet Indonesian Women?

Indonesia is a very attractive country both for tourists and businessmen, but there are two reasons why going to Indonesia is not the best way to meet your future bride. First, Indonesian women are rather reserved and probably will not talk to you in the streets. Second, many of the women you meet will turn out to be already taken.

According to the experience of thousands of Western men before you, the most effective way to meet the Indonesian woman of your dreams is to use one of the many Indonesian mail order sites. The women there are not only breathtaking and easy-going, but also interested in meeting a foreign bachelor.

Why Are Indonesian Women Looking for a Foreign Husband?

Indonesia has a large and diverse population, but there is still a surprisingly high number of unmarried Indonesian girls. So what exactly makes Indonesian women seek marriage to a foreigner instead of finding love with local men?

There are two reasons why so many Indonesian girls choose to become mail order brides. First, they want to be treated with respect and to have the main be the main provider for the family, which is not something that every Indonesian man is ready to offer.

Second, they simply love Western culture and find Western guys incredibly attractive. With no opportunities to meet men from Western countries in the streets of Indonesia, they resort to online dating sites.

Indonesian Dating Culture: 5 Tips on Dating Indonesian Girls

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If you have any dating experience with Western women, you know that it can get exhausting. With so many rules to follow and expectations to meet, no wonder Western guys are looking for humble and loving Indonesian girls. Here are 5 tips that will make your relationship with an Indonesian girl absolutely perfect.

  • Demonstrate your serious intentions. To an Indonesian woman, the decision to look for a foreign bride is a very serious one. She doesn’t do it for fun, she does it to find a reliable partner for life. This is exactly what she wants to see from you.
  • Make the first move. In a way, Indonesian women are rather conservative. They unleash their passionate side further in a relationship, but they want the man to take the matters into his own hands in the early stages of the romance.
  • Allow her to set the pace. Indonesian women are not the type of girls who will kiss you on the first date and stay the night on the third date. They may want to take the relationship slower than you are used to, but that only makes things more exciting.
  • Respect her family. To an Indonesian girl, there is nothing more important in life than family. These women are very attached to their families and they expect their man to pay the same respects to the parents as he does to the woman herself.
  • Be interested in her culture. Indonesia is a very culturally diverse country. Language, customs, religion, and other aspects of the culture likely play a huge part in your Indonesian woman’s personality, and she will really appreciate it if you make an effort to learn it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an Indonesian bride only care about my money?

We would be lying if we said Indonesian mail order brides don’t care about your finances at all. They want to make sure you will be able to provide for your family, especially if she gives birth to your children and cannot work for a while.

However, Indonesian girls are far from being golddiggers. In fact, they are some of the most modest and undemanding women we have ever met. They don’t need luxury and expensive goods — they just want their family’s needs to be fully covered.

Should I expect a language barrier?

Indonesia is incredibly ethnically diverse and there are over 700 languages currently being spoken by different regions and groups in the country. With Indonesian being the prevalent language in the state, you still should not expect a serious language barrier.

The reason for that is simple. Many Indonesian women learn English for work or to enjoy pop culture products from the Weste. You will easily build communication with an Indonesian bride and she will learn English even better to feel closer to you.

Are Indonesian women religious?

Yes, Indonesia is one of the most religious countries of its region and most of the Indonesian population is Muslim. There is a big chance that religion will play a significant role in the life of your Indonesian bride.

However, that shouldn’t be a problem for your relationship or marriage. As long as you respect your wife’s religious views and agree to let her practice it, your life should not get particularly affected by religion.