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Everyone who has ever been to Malaysia, are eager to return there again and again. And any tourist notices that local people are very friendly and helpful. Some of them are even thinking of finding a wife of this nationality. Today we will tell you in detail what are Malaysian women like, and perhaps you will also have a desire to marry one of them.

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Why Malaysian Women are So Popular Nowadays?

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Until recently, few foreign men knew much about ladies from this country. And it was believed that it is unreal to marry Malaysian bride. But times change and nowadays girls from this country are becoming more and more popular. And there are obvious reasons for this:

They are aimed at marriage

Malaysian ladies search only for a serious relationship. Such a woman will be a perfect match for you if you are seriously thinking about wife and children. Parents and schools teach them from early childhood to value family.

The woman’s age doesn’t matter. While many European or US women want to be single up to 30, Malaysian girls are ready to get married much earlier. It is possible to find a bride who is 18-25 years old.

They have good character

Though the views in the country are becoming more and more modern, the culture saves a respectful attitude to family members. Malaysian wife will respect you and get along with your parents.

They are cheerful

When you see a woman clothed the way all the body is hidden, you can think that she is too shy and boring. But this is a myth. Malaysian women are very talkative with their friends and family. They have a good sense of humor.

They are active

Malaysian girls are fond of nature. It is hard for them to imagine life without picnics and spending time actively outdoors. So, if your ideal is a calm but not boring woman, Malaysian is the best choice.

They don’t have bad habits

Islam prohibits smoking and alcohol. Though modern Malaysian people don’t obey all the religious rules, they strictly stick to this one. So, the girls from this country are popular with the men who prefer a healthy lifestyle.

What are Malaysian wives like?

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Those who have married Malaysian women never regret doing it, because of:


This is their main national character trait. Even very beautiful Malaysian women will never accept other men’s flirting. These wives never cheat on their husbands. If you have the painful experience of your ex-spouse’s adultery, you can avoid happening such a situation in the future by marrying a Malaysian lady.

Mother’s instinct

Malaysian families are very big. Girls of this nationality are used to seeing such a family model since childhood. And they are morally prepared for multiple pregnancies.

As they don’t have bad habits the chances to give birth to healthy children are higher.

So, the Malaysian wife is a perfect match for the one, who has always dreamed of a large family.


Malaysian culture suggests a respectful attitude to a husband. Malaysian wives don’t argue and often make compromises, especially if you are not commanding, but asking her kindly. They perfectly match the men who want to have a calm and friendly family.

Advanced householding skills

According to Malaysian traditions, women are housewives. Malaysian girls are raised to be good at housekeeping. So, you will never see the mess in your house or eat tasteless food. Moreover, you will have a chance to taste Malaysian national cuisine. The most known dishes are fried tofu, nasi lemak (a traditional dish made of rice), congee (rice porridge), soto ayam (soup with noodles) and laksa (soup with shrimps).

Why Malaysian Women are Looking for a Foreign Husband?

A tendency to marry foreigners is so popular because of the Malaysian men’s peculiarities:

  • They are polygamous. It is still allowed and normal for them to have several wives. The woman who doesn’t want to share her husband with anybody else would rather find a foreign fiance.
  • They are disposed to violence. One of the surveys says that about 39% of Malaysian ladies above 15 years old had the experience of being abused by their life partners. So, a lot of them are looking for a man who will treat them more respectfully.
  • They are bossy. Malaysian wives should obey their husbands. Even the law says that they have to comply with all the men’s requests. Women who value personal boundaries prefer foreign fiances.

Where to meet Malaysian Woman?

The chances of getting acquainted with women in Malaysia are slim to none. It is forbidden for them to show that they are attractive and interested in a relationship.

Sexy Malaysian women’s bodies, including arms, legs, and faces are completely covered with special clothes. They wear it even on the beach. Flirting with strangers is perceived as an unacceptable thing.

Malaysian girls communicate mainly with females. Besides, there is separate public transport only for women.

So, it’s not worth going to Malaysia in search of a wife. This way will bring you only disappointment. The better solution is to find a mail order Malaysian bride with the help of dating service. The Internet is the place where hot Malaysian girls can communicate with men without any restrictions and fears.

Malaysian Dating Culture: 7 Tips on Dating Malaysian Girls

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If you want to attract a beautiful Malaysian woman, stick to our recommendations:

  • Be polite. Girls of this nationality like gentlemen. They appreciate a respectful attitude and good manners.
  • Be kind. Malaysian brides like good men. “Bad boy” is not the type loved by these cute girls. If you show rudeness or bad manners, pretty Malaysian women won’t pay their attention to you.
  • Don’t rush things. Malaysian women for marriage want to learn as much as possible about their future husbands. Remain patient and show her the positive features of your character.
  • Don’t be too persistent. There are enough such men in Malaysia. If a foreigner wants to keep dating a Malaysian woman, he should always give her the right of choice and listen to her voice.
  • Show serious intentions. You are interested only in flirting or you want to have a relationship with no expectations? It doesn’t work like this with Malaysian girls. Most of them are aimed at marriage. If they don’t see your seriousness, they will not waste their time on you.
  • Be careful with sexual references. Though there are a lot of Malaysian women of modern views, they still don’t express their sexuality openly. The majority of girls of this nationality prefer not to have intimacy before the wedding. The only exception can be a divorced woman or a widow. But still, hastening the process of becoming closer can show the lack of seriousness. It can make a bad impression on a Malaysian lady.
  • Show your wellbeing. In Malaysian culture, man is perceived as an earner and breadwinner. Before the wedding, you should prove your future wife, that you can provide her a decent standard of living. The most important is the housing issue. Every Malaysian bride wants to be sure, that she and her future children will live in a good, spacious and well-equipped house.

Frequently Asked Questions about Malaysian Women

Do Malaysian Girls Speak English?

Yes, all the women from this country speak English. Though there is the Malaysian language, English is the second official one.

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Are All Malaysian Women Muslims?

Almost all. 61,3% of the population are Muslims. Only 9,2% are Christians.

Will There Be a Culture Barrier?

Though Malaysia is an Islamic country, the rules are not very strict there. The majority of people have rather modern views. There won’t be much cultural misunderstanding.

Is it allowed for a foreigner to marry a Malaysian bride?

Though the main religion is Islam, Malaysia is not the country where the Muslim rules are strict. People have modern views and international marriages are not forbidden. But it is necessary to get permission from the bride’s parents. You should get along with them and respect their opinion.

Are Malaysian ladies well educated?

Don’t think that they are not intelligent. The times when women had no right to study are long ago. Nowadays a lot of girls from this country have high education. So, every Malaysian woman is capable to make conversation and help her children with their studying.

Do Malaysian Wives Work?

In Malaysian culture, earning money is a husband’s duty. The wife is responsible for household chores and child-raising. Very few Malaysian girls want to make a career.

But still, there are exceptions. Some women want to make a career, and it can be the reason for the desire of marrying a foreign man and moving from Malaysia. In a Western country, a lady will have more professional prospects.

The best way to find the answer to this question is to discuss it with your Malaysian bride. You can ask about her attitude toward a career at the stage of getting acquainted.