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Many men from all over the world dream of Russian women. Wives of this nationality can be found in any country. What brings them such crazy popularity? Let’s find out. Read further and you will get to know what characteristics make Russian girls so desirable for men of all nationalities. Why many men prefer to marry them and what kind of wives they can make. Also, you will get some useful tips on how to win the heart of the lady from Russia.

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Why Russian Women are so Popular Nowadays?

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These ladies are really unique. They have many peculiarities that make them so interesting for men. Here are only some of them. Russian girls are:


Beautiful Russian women are among the most attractive females in the world. They are slim, elegant, and charming. Many of them attend the gym to keep fit. Also, these ladies like beauty procedures. They help pretty Russian women enhance their attractiveness and win many men’s hearts even more effectively.


Russian women are embodiments of passion. They like to emphasize their sexuality with the help of wearing short dresses or very tight jeans. Also, many of them show their passion with their behavior.

Hot Russian girls like men’s attention. And they appreciate when someone shows them that he sees that they are sexy.


Russian nationality doesn’t have common appearance features for all the population. All the women from this country are different. Among them, there are tall and short, skinny and athletic, with blond, dark, chestnut or ginger hair, blue, green or hazel eyes. The variety of their appearances excites. You will definitely have a big choice.

hot russian girl


Russian girls are proud and self-confident. They will never run after men. This makes them very attractive to men.


Russian ladies have no complexes. They are not fixed at the fact that their body can be not perfect. These women are very confident and charismatic. It brings them additional charm.


Most of the women in Russia have got higher education. Many of them like to read and have broad horizons and many hobbies.


The ladies of this nationality like to chat. And they know how to find appropriate topics for different conversationalist. You will never be bored while spending time with the girl from this country.


Russian women are fond of every new. They like to attend new places, take part in interesting events and travel to the cities and countries they had never been to before.


Russian girls have an awesome sense of humor. They like to make jokes, and it’s easy to make them laugh.

The life of any party

Russian women are real queens of parties. They can turn into a party even a quiet family get-together.


They don’t like to show their emotions. Expressiveness and loud behavior in everyday life are not about the ladies of this nationality. But of course, parties make an exception.

What are Russian Wives Like?

Many men don’t doubt that they are great girlfriends. But what kind of wives do they become after marriage? To find it out, look at the typical characteristics of Russian wives:

  • Good at housekeeping. The mothers learn their daughters how to cook from the very childhood. So, there are no women in Russia who can’t prepare a delicious meal. Also, they like order and don’t tolerate the mess in their houses. So, you will be sure that your family neighborhood will always be cozy and comfortable to live in.
  • Loving. If a Russian woman loves she gives her all to her husband. The lady from this country will do everything that is possible to save relations. These women can make compromises to avoid divorce.
  • Strong. Russian women are very resilient. They manage to combine work, family, and social life. They don’t like to complain and stay positive in every situation.
  • Devoted. The ladies of this nationality like to spend time with their families. They can devote all the spare time to their spouses and children.
  • Nice mothers. Russian women have a very developed maternal instinct. They love their children even more than themselves. These ladies try hard to give the best things and ensure a high level of life for their children. Many of the women from this country have pedagogic education and are interested in the methodologies of children’s education and upbringing. So, they can make really good mothers. They will do everything they can for their son or daughter to become a happy and successful person in the future.

Why Russian Women are Looking for Foreign Husbands?

Many ladies from this country are obsessed with the idea of finding a fiance from abroad. The concern this to be a big lack. And here are some reasons for such a strong desire to marry a foreigner:

  • The lack of men in their motherland. According to the statistics, there are more young women than men in this country. So, these ladies are forced to find more opportunities to get married. They have to broaden their horizons and to find their future husbands among men from other countries.
  • The infantilism of local men. Males in this country become psychologically mature rather late. There are many men who prefer partying to working. Many of them don’t become more responsible even after marriage. So, Russian women don’t want to build families with their compatriots.
  • Discrimination of women in their motherland. Though the country is rather developed there are still many unfair stereotypes about women. So, females face discrimination at workplaces, in everyday life, and in relationships.
  • Not really good living conditions in this country. There are not so many career prospects there as in Western countries. And the salaries are much lower. So, Russian girls who want to make a successful career are ready to use every opportunity to emigrate.

Where to Meet Russian Women?

It’s not difficult to find a girlfriend of this nationality. If you come to this country you will meet Russian girls who are ready to get acquainted everywhere. There are a lot of sexy Russian women in the clubs, at parks and public places. There is a big choice.

But it’s not even necessary to go so far. Many Russian mail order brides are waiting for you on special web resources.

Russian Dating Culture: 6 Tips on Dating Russian Girls

Here are some recommendations that will help you in dating a Russian woman:

  • Be interesting. Find some topics to talk about. Don’t let be bored.
  • Be romantic. Ladies from this country like a romantic atmosphere. They appreciate it when a man says beautiful words to her and makes cute surprises.
  • Be kind to her. Rudeness will push her away from you.
  • Be serious. This is the main character trait which is the most important for Russian girls. If you behave seriously she will see that you are psychologically mature and responsible.
  • Show her you are trustworthy. Never break your promise or else she will be disappointed in you.
  • Don’t hurry the development of relations. Ladies from this country are used to a high level of attention from men. And those of them who are looking for serious relationships will have a bad opinion about you if you hint at sex too early.

Frequently Asked Questions about Russian Women

Learn some more details about Russian women for marriage and get some more tips on how to develop relationships with a Russian bride.

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How to attract the attention of Russian girls?

The ladies of this nationality like well-groomed and well-bred men. If you want to make a good impression look after yourself: always have an attractive hairdo, wear tidy clothes and footwear.

Will there be a language barrier?

The official language in this country is Russian. And all the people use it in their everyday lives. English is taught at schools and universities. But not all of the population has a serious attitude to this subject. Not all people know English at the level which allows keeping a full-value conversation. But still, there are some women whose English is fluent. It depends on a certain person. To find it out for sure ask her if she speaks English while getting acquainted.

What presents do Russian women like?

For these girls, the price of presents doesn’t matter. Your attention and the emotions that the surprise provokes are much more important. So, don’t try to excite her with expensive things from famous brands. Better give her flowers regularly. In Russian culture, flowers are the main symbol of feelings and man’s attention. Also, she will like it if you offer her to go to an interesting event or to spend a vacation abroad together.

Should I meet her family?

Of course, if you are sure that your relationships are serious she will have a desire to introduce her to your family. It won’t be necessary to get acquainted with all her relatives because in Russia many people don’t communicate with distant relatives. But you should be ready to meet her mother and father. Do your best to make a good impression on them. Especially — on her mother. Because often the ladies of this nationality have more close relations with their mothers than with fathers.